Here at Lancashire Interior Home Designs we pride ourselves on being the only kitchen company in the United Kingdom that offer a pay on delivery service.

At Lancashire Interior Home Designs we are so confident about the quality of our kitchens that before payment we will deliver your kitchen to your home and then allow you to thoroughly inspect your kitchen and only after you are 100% happy with your delivery do we ask you to pay.

You ask any other kitchen company in the UK to deliver your kitchen and only when you are happy with it will you pay. The answer will be "No". At Lancashire Interior Home Designs we also guarantee that no other kitchen company in the UK can match our price or our quality.

Why are we so cheap?
At Lancashire Interior Home Designs we specialise in selling quality kitchens cheap. We don't sell low quality kitchens. We put pride into our kitchens and we manufacture all of our own kitchen cabinets and doors. We even manufacture worktops, cornice, pelmets, accessories, absolutely everything bar the hinges, handles and even the appliances we manufacture ourselves.

We don't have fancy showrooms nor do we spend thousands on TV and Radio ads. We work from a huge warehouse in the Manchester area and we pass on all of these savings directly to you, the customer.

Our customer services department work from 8am to 9pm which is longer than any other kitchen company customer services department in the UK. We work such long hours so that there is always someone to talk to should the customer need help.

What is so special about our kitchens?
Well apart from the price, it's our quality that stands out.

Our Cabinets
All of our kitchen cabinets are 18mm thick and all come with solid back panels unlike the majority of kitchen suppliers who only offer cabinets with 3mm hardboard back panels.

Most other kitchen companies also do not edge every component in the cabinet. For instance, if a component cannot be seen when the unit is put together then they will not edge this part of the product. But here at Lancashire Interior Home Designswe edge every single component on all four sides regardless of whether it can be seen or not. This method guards the interior of the components against any moisture ever entering the unit and causing warping and expansion.

Most kitchen companies use a 0.2mm paper edging to edge their units but here at Lancashire Interior Home Designswe use 1.0mm shock absorbant PVC edging. Not only is it five times thicker than that used by our competitors but is also shock absorbant and completely moisture proof. For the reasons stated above we feel confident in giving a lifetime guarantee with all of our kitchen cabinets.

Drawer packs
All of our kitchens come with drawer packs already built up. We know that putting together a flat pack drawerpack can sometimes be stressful so we deliver all of our drawer packs ready built to save you time and stress and what's more is that all of our drawers come with soft closing drawer systems as standard.

In Conclusion
At Lancashire Interior Home Designs we want to make our customers happy and we want them to be proud of their kitchen and also proud of the price that they paid for it. We will only ever ask our customers for a £50 or £100 deposit and for that we will measure their kitchen, plan their new kitchen, manufacture and deliver their kitchen to their home and only after all of that will we ask them to pay. After all of this if the customer doesn't like something then they simply send the kitchen back. No other kitchen company in the UK is confident enough to offer a pay after delivery service.

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